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Tassel Time - Kitten Deville

Hello everyone!

The Decadent Gent here and I'm happy to announce as promised that Tassel Time the Ministry of Burlesque podcast has returned!

What better way to welcome all my faithful listeners back than an interview with the sensation that is Kitten DeVille!

Kitten De Ville is a Burlesque superstar! She has headlined various stages in her native USA and Europe earning herself the title of “Queen of the Quake”. She has appeared in various music videos for bands like The Cramps, graced the covers of many books and magazines and was crowned Miss Exotic World in 2002.

You can tune in to this revealing episode of Tassel Time on the main Tassel Time website at:

Tassel Time is also available on itunes so if you have an ipod you can subscribe via the Tassel Time website and download the show, and all previous shows absolutely free!

(Please note that due to itunes policy it may be a few days before the episode is available to download, but keep checking itunes to see when it is)

You'll also notice the website has had a bit of an overhaul and one of the new features of it is an ability to contact Tassel Time directly. So let me know your thoughts about the show and what you would like to hear me broadcast. Even a little massaging of my ego wont be unappreciated either ;)

So what are you waiting for?
Get yourself a cup of tea and a plate of cucumber sandwiches, sit back and relax and tune into to Tassel Time.

Keep the Tassels Twirling!

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