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Sunday, October 17th, 2010
7:00 am
Victorian Gothic UK 10% SALE
To celebrate the re-launch of victorian gothic we are having a SALE. 10% off all orders placed before December 31st (this does not include SALE items or shipping) http://www.victorian-gothic.co.uk
Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
11:45 am
Achtung! Cabaret - Saturday 3rd July 2010 - Norwich, UK
Achtung! Cabaret

For your enjoyment, we present:

- Beatrix von Bourbon
- Frank Sanazi
- Honey Wilde
- Vendetta Vain

The theme and strict dress code for the evening is heroes and villains – historical and fictional, so get ready to do your best burlesque or fetish impression of Genghis Khan, Countess Bathory, Wonder Woman, Al Capone, Bonny and Clyde, or even that that guy with the bat obsession!

Tickets for our 3rd July heroes and villains event can now be purchased online from our tickets page, or from The Rock Collection, Norwich. They are a very affordable £10 per person if bought before or on 1st June, and £12 if bought thereafter.
Tickets available to over 18s only.
Sunday, April 11th, 2010
8:38 pm
Tassel Time The Burlesque Podcast - Dirty Martini
Hello everyone!

The Decadent Gent here and I'm happy to announce as promised that a new episode of Tassel Time The Burlesque Podcast is online!

My very special guest is someone I have wanted to be on the show for a long time: Miss Dirty Martini!

Dirty Martini is one of the ultimate burlesque sensations. She has performed internationally on many famous stages such as the Velvet Hammer Burlesque and the El Ray Theatre in Hollywood and the KoKo Club in London. She has won many awards for her performances including being crowned Miss Exotic World in 2004.

You can tune in to this very fun episode of Tassel Time on the main Tassel Time website here:


Tassel Time is also available on itunes so if you have an ipod you can subscribe via the Tassel Time website and download the show, and all previous shows absolutely free!

So what are you waiting for?

Pop on the kettle and get out the buiscuits sit back and relax and tune into to Tassel Time.

Keep the Tassels Twirling!


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Monday, April 5th, 2010
3:06 pm
Tassel Time - Kitten Deville
Hello everyone!

The Decadent Gent here and I'm happy to announce as promised that Tassel Time the Ministry of Burlesque podcast has returned!

What better way to welcome all my faithful listeners back than an interview with the sensation that is Kitten DeVille!

Kitten De Ville is a Burlesque superstar! She has headlined various stages in her native USA and Europe earning herself the title of “Queen of the Quake”. She has appeared in various music videos for bands like The Cramps, graced the covers of many books and magazines and was crowned Miss Exotic World in 2002.

You can tune in to this revealing episode of Tassel Time on the main Tassel Time website at:


Tassel Time is also available on itunes so if you have an ipod you can subscribe via the Tassel Time website and download the show, and all previous shows absolutely free!

(Please note that due to itunes policy it may be a few days before the episode is available to download, but keep checking itunes to see when it is)

You'll also notice the website has had a bit of an overhaul and one of the new features of it is an ability to contact Tassel Time directly. So let me know your thoughts about the show and what you would like to hear me broadcast. Even a little massaging of my ego wont be unappreciated either ;)

So what are you waiting for?
Get yourself a cup of tea and a plate of cucumber sandwiches, sit back and relax and tune into to Tassel Time.

Keep the Tassels Twirling!


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Saturday, March 13th, 2010
7:11 pm
Hey guys, Quick question. Anyone know of any burlesque nights running in the bristol area now? Or the swansea area?
Sunday, January 17th, 2010
3:12 pm
Wednesday, July 8th, 2009
9:51 am
The Kitten Club at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern


The Kitten Club are taking up residence for 3 weeks at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

Thursday 9th, 16th and 23rd July at 8pm sees Delores Deluxe and her troupe of fantastic Kittens, Vixen de Ville, Tempest Rose and Vicious Delicious bring the best of their burlesque cabaret to Vauxhall.

The Kitten Club are one of London's longest running troupes, having performed at Volupte, Madame JoJo's, RVT, Cafe de Paris, Bush Hall, Hoxton Hall, Claridges and more as well as two seasons in the west end!

The Kittens have a truly original take on Burlesque, bringing their own inimitable performance style to this now very popular genre. Sassy songs, carry-on comedy and slick choreography means there really is something for everyone!

Magic and comedy from compere, Mr Christian Lee (9th and 23rd) And a very special guest performance from our Kitten's Got Talent winner, Alana Royale!
The perfect opportunity for all you South Londoners to see the show on your own turf!
Come join us...

Tickets only £10 - available via the RVT website


Sponsored by Kiss Me Deadly

The Kitten Club - Burlesque Cabaret
Royal Vauxhall Tavern
372 Kennington Lane
SE11 5HY
Phone: 0207 820 1222

9:26 am
Sofire Rosa at the Kissy Kat Club on Sunday
Sofire and Lady Voix in Kiss Me Deadly outfits
Sofire and Lady Voix in Kiss Me Deadly outfits

As we're partly based in Sheffield, we like to get out and about in the north of England, as well as sponsoring the Kitten Club in London. So keep an eye our for Sofire Rosa, a turkish dancer and burlesque star, and Lady Voix De Ville, a compere and our fabulous staff member at many shows and for Hepburn and Leigh.

Sofire is due to be performing at the Kissy Kat Club on Sunday in Portsmouth, run by the rather fabulous Willow Blue, who I keep expecting to do some sort of crockery based routine, but sadly this is not the case.

Its worth tracking Sofire down, because, as with the Kitten Club, she carries with her the odd free gift and a fair few discounts . . . plus of course she is an amazing dancer!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
6:57 pm
Hull and London Burlesque shows - come and find KMD goodies!

The Kittens have let us know their new performance dates - and it is well worth going if you are in London, because not only are they a fantastic troupe, they have vouchers, give aways and discounts from us.

Kitten's Got Talent' will showcase some of the hottest, brand new acts on the Burlesque scene.

You, the audience, will get an exclusive, premiere performance and the opportunity to vote for your favourite act!
The winner will then be invited to ‘purrform' with the The Kitten Club at their next show and win various goodies to help them put their best paw forward on the glittery path of their Burlesque career.
The Kitten Club are one of London's longest running troupes. With many credits and accolades including two West End runs, a variety of famous friends and fans and some of the most glamorous sought after sponsors in the business. Original, diverse and highly entertaining, they offer a true insight into the roots of Burlesque Cabaret at its finest and cheekiest. This glamorous exciting evening will also be sparkled up with classic Kitten Club performances from Mummy Kitten herself, the glorious Delores Deluxe, terrifying acts from that fire-eating, fearsome feline, Vixen de Ville and hosted by the inimitable Mr Toby Longworth.

Kittens Got Talent promises to be a glorious fun-filled evening - perfect for parties, hens or anyone who's just had enough of Saturday night reality TV!

Come play, and have your say!

Delightful acts will be announced shortly - watch this space...

Friday 26th June - 7pm
Volupte Lounge
7 - 9 Norwich St
London EC4A 1EJ
Tickets: £10 - £18 0207 831 1622
Thursdays July 9th, 16th, and 23rd, October 8th, The Kittens are at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. 8pm (doors 7pm)

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern
372 Kennington Lane
SE11 5HY
0207 820 1222

Go Go Burlesque Flyer

Go Go Burlesque!

The fabulous Sofire Rosa - our dancer in Sheffield - is going to have a busy summer, performing all over the North of the UK, taking with her our flyers, vouchers and just possibly the odd discount card! First up is Go Go Burlesque in Hull, where you should definately try and pick up a card from her, and look out for for fab performers Lexi sexx, Bam Bam Blue, and Anna Fur Laxis. I love Anna's Betty Page act!

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009
4:20 pm
Achtung! Cabaret - Saturday 4th July - Norwich

A Night of Burlesque Cabaret & Fetish Frolics now in our sixth run! Live performances by Dixie Licious, Warren Speed, Millicent Binks, and Missy Macabre. Music by DJs Mz_Pink and Mikki. Dress Code: Americana, Burlesque, Fetish, Fantasy, Dapper, Alternative.

Tickets are available online at http://www.achtung-cabaret.co.uk/tickets/, and from Black Lace, Dove Street, Norwich. Tickets are £10 if bought before 10th June, and £12 thereafter.
Thursday, May 7th, 2009
9:40 am
Tassel Time - The UK Burlesque Podcast Returns with The World Famous *BOB*
Hi Guys and Dolls!

The Decadent Gent here bringing you the exciting news that Tassel Time the Ministry of Burlesque Podcast has returned with it's very own website!


To sweeten the deal we have TWO BRAND NEW EPISODES featuring Burlesque Living Legend The World Famous *BOB* and UK sensation Missy Malone!

As if that wasn't enough we are back on itunes!

So if you click onto the website follow the link on there which will take you to itunes land where you can download the latest and previous episodes for your listening pleasure!

Check it out and keep the Tassels Twirling!


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Thursday, March 19th, 2009
4:54 pm
2 pairs of ostrich feather fans..
I have 2 pairs of largeostrich feather fans for sale....they were made up of spare feathers so im lettig them go for less than usual (i usually sell these for £160+), i have a pink and black pair and a purple and black pair, both brand new on bamboo staves, both are double layer.

lokking for around £80 for the pink, and £65 for the purple all in, but open to offers.

pics under te cut...if anyone is interested leave a comment :)



Read more...Collapse )
Friday, February 13th, 2009
5:19 pm
Burlesque and a Rant (respectively)
Okay, I'm back! :P

Two posts for you this time, since neither are very long.

The first is about burlesque, more specifically 'What the Butler Saw' in Cardiff and what I saw there.

"...There’s something very thrilling and refreshing, too, about seeing a girl get slowly more naked on stage not five feet away from you. Nakedness in the flesh..."


The second is a rant about so-called 'family values' and how evil you are if you aren't married *rolls eyes*



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Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
1:44 pm
Friday, January 30th, 2009
12:52 pm
Bump 'n' Grindhouse tomorrow in Cambridge

Click the flyer for more info.

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, January 29th, 2009
2:29 pm
Looking for bands, acts and performers
Advertising this on behalf of a friend.(for further info please contact Joanna at email at the end of this post)

Rock Candy –a new alternative music and cabaret night for St Albans.

The night will have a feel of Gothic alternative and rock culture and the performers will have a hint of this also.
Thursday monthly or alternate monthly night – 2 to 3 hour show in total.
Start date to be advised.

The type of performers required for Rock Candy:

Alternative cabaret acts of all kinds
. 10 to 20min act.
Burlesque dancers, psychic chics, magik acts, draconian drag artistes, performance painters, dark clowns and circus acts, tattooed singers and poets, puppeteers, Bill Hicks style comedians, improvisers, fire performers, acts that require audience participation and installation artists…

Gothic, Rock and Indie bands. 30mins set. Required to headline

Filmmakers. 10 to 20mins Short films from new and upcoming filmmakers required for show interval.

We are initially looking to put performers on a database so we have a wealth of talent at our fingertips.

As this is a new night, fees will be on a box office split initially.
Please, however tell us what your normal booking fee is.

To apply send a link for us to view your music, photographs, film or show reel to Joanna.scott2@btinternet.com

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009
5:42 pm
Vote for the Kitten Club at the London Burlesque festival and come to our night in Sheffield!
We're involved in a couple of burlesque events I thought I should mention.
We're supporting a new burlesque night that is starting, run by Sofire Rosa, a professional Turkish bellydancer.

Meanwhile, back in London its time for the London Burlesque Festival,


Our sponsored burlesque troupe, The Kitten Club, are amongst the acts vying for your votes for the headline performers, so do please go along and vote for them and their fabulous solo artist Tempest Rose.


Saturday, January 24th, 2009
3:18 pm
Bump 'n' Grindhouse - 31st of January
One week to go!

flyer design by Pinkapplejam

Click the flyer for the website which has all the other info (tickets, directions, acts etc.).

Come all and bring your friends, it's going to be a blast.

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Thursday, January 8th, 2009
10:39 am
Achtung! Cabaret - 07/02/08 - Burlesque Entertainment, Norwich UK
The Achtung! Cabaret event is a night of fetish frolics and burlesque cabaret which will place at its new home at The Talk, Oak Street, Norwich NR3 3BP, starting at 8pm going on till late.

Now in our fifth run! Confirmed performers include Anna Fur Laxis, Princess Angelique, Ropesluts and Sophia Landi, with DJs Mikki and Mz_Pink.

Strict dress code of fetish, burlesque, fantasy. Buy tickets online (£10 each) here or from Black Lace, Dove Street, Norwich. Tickets available to over 18s only.

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
4:57 pm
New Year's Rockaburley Ball! Barfly, Glasgow

Sharpen your stilettos and kick up your heels with Rockaburley’s biggest show yet!

Join us in Barfly for the best of rock and roll burlesque featuring Vendetta Vain, Gilda Lily, Daiquiri Dusk, Cat Aclysmic, Miss Hell's Belle and Miss Golden De Licious on the Rockaburley stage!  After the show, music mogul DJ Aaron (All Tore Up) returns to the decks downstairs to spin the very best in vintage rock, while upstairs in our sleazy lounge we'll be showcasing rockabilly band extraordinaire The Coy Dogs as well as a special guest DJ pumping out New Years tunes for your dancing pleasure.


The Rockaburley Girlies will be dragging the New Year in on one cherry red spiked heel with the best music, the best dancing and of course the best burlesque available this side of 2009 so grab a ticket via Ticketmaster, Tickets Scotland Glasgow or the Barfly website and join in the fun as we Rock and Roll in the New Year with a bang, a shimmy and a shake!


Doors at 21:00, show starts at 22:00, club till late.  £15.  Over 18s only.

www.ticketmaster.com.uk (0870 534 4444) / www.tickets-scotland.com (0870 220 1116 / 0141 2204 5151) Argyle St Glasgow (under Central Station) / www.barflyclub.com

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