limitedaudience (limitedaudience) wrote in burlesque_uk,

Achtung! Cabaret - Saturday 3rd July 2010 - Norwich, UK

Achtung! Cabaret

For your enjoyment, we present:

- Beatrix von Bourbon
- Frank Sanazi
- Honey Wilde
- Vendetta Vain

The theme and strict dress code for the evening is heroes and villains – historical and fictional, so get ready to do your best burlesque or fetish impression of Genghis Khan, Countess Bathory, Wonder Woman, Al Capone, Bonny and Clyde, or even that that guy with the bat obsession!

Tickets for our 3rd July heroes and villains event can now be purchased online from our tickets page, or from The Rock Collection, Norwich. They are a very affordable £10 per person if bought before or on 1st June, and £12 if bought thereafter.
Tickets available to over 18s only.
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